Thumb sized monkeys are China’s new must-have pet


[Image via Weibo]

An adorable animal has become the hottest must-have pet in China, despite it actually being illegal to have one.

Images of ‘thumb’ or ‘finger monkeys’ have popped up on the Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, where at least one owner is showing off his new favourite companion, Mashable reports.

The animals, known for being the smallest monkeys in the world, have been gaining popularity in celebration of the Year of the Monkey.

The ‘thumb monkey’ is actually a pygmy marmoset and hails from the Amazon rain forest. Jezebel reports that they usually weigh less than six ounces and stand around 5.5 to 6 inches tall.

However, the small primate is actually very delicate and can die easily if you don’t take care of it, reports The Epoch Times.

They are being sold as living accessories for up 30,000 Chinese Yuan, which is around $4,50, reports Mashable.

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