Thunder Bay man cleaning up after deer smashes into living room

A Thunder Bay, Ont., man is still in clean-up mode after a deer smashed through a triple pane window and ransacked his living room last Saturday morning.

Bryan Lokstet lives on Toledo Street.

He and his wife were lying in bed on the morning of March 25 when they heard glass breaking, he said.

At first, they thought the cat had knocked something over — but then they heard more glass breaking and furniture moving around.

He arrived in the living room to find "a lot of hair and a lot of urine," he said.

"It had completely smashed a shelving unit and moved the loveseat around. There was like knick knacks and what have you scattered everywhere. It was a mess," he added.

The deer appeared stunned but relatively unharmed, Lokstet said.

It leaped back through the hole in the window and departed without incident.

Lokstet has no idea what prompted the deer to come charging into his home, he said, adding the small doe must have hit the glass "at quite a clip."

"It jumped the flower bed out front and knocked over the Christmas moose, but I guess it's my fault for having a Christmas moose out still," he said laughing.

Lokstet's insurance company is working to restore his living room.

So far, it's been unable to remove glass fragments from some of his pieces of furniture, so Lokstet might need to replace them, he said.

The company will also replace a portion of Lokstet's laminate floor where the deer relieved itself, he added.

"It's all bubbled up. Apparently, [it's] pretty caustic stuff," he said of the deer's urine.

After the shock wore off, Lokstet said, "all we could really do was start to laugh about it."