Thursday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans

Andy Behrens, Matt Harmon and Tank Williams preview tonight's matchup between the Cowboys and Titans.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: We have another Thursday night tussle here to preview on Fantasy football live. The Cowboys are a double-digit favorite against whatever this junior varsity version of the Titans is that we're going to get. Of course, Tennessee is looking ahead to the Jacksonville match-up in week 18 that their entire season depends on. But fantasy managers need these points tonight. Matt, we just mentioned the injuries to Pollard, to Henry. What should we expect from these backfields?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, let's start off with the easier one. And I think that's the Tennessee Titans backfield. Hassan Haskins looks like he's going to get the call up with Derrick Henry out. Man, I've gotten some Hassan Haskins questions. I feel like you got to be pretty desperate. You've got to be in a bad spot to be starting Hassan Haskins in your fantasy championship match-up. I mean, this is--

It would be one thing if Ryan Tannehill was still out there. Well, he's not going to be out there. Malik Willis, not that he's been good, he's not even going to be out there. It's going to be Josh Dobbs, a guy they just signed off the Lions practice squad less than 10 days ago. I mean, how many points, how many drives, is this Titans backfield really going to be able to-- or this Titans offense really going to be able to mount?

So I don't have a lot of high expectation for Haskins. On the Dallas side, this looks like a great spot for Zeke. Pretty much just take all of the match-up notes about the Tennessee Titans run defense and throw them in the trash. Because Zeke is going to get the ball 20 times, he's going to get in scoring range. I feel great about him. And I don't even hate. Again, you got to be desperate. For maybe like DFS, prop type stuff, Malik Davis potentially in the second half of this game playing in the Tony Pollard role, that guy's popped a little bit this year. I would keep an eye on him, just, again, from a DFS or prop standpoint.

ANDY BEHRENS: I love the Malik Davis shout out. My guy here is going to be Michael Gallup. And listen. I understand you're in championship week. Maybe you've got better receiving options. Maybe it's not a 16, 20 team league where Michael Gallup is a surefire starter. For me, in one of my matchups, he is. What do I like about him? Well, last four weeks, he has three touchdowns. That's pretty good.

In four of his last five games, he's seen at least six targets. The guy never comes off the field. I know he hasn't had like that 12 target, 14 target game, anything like that. But he's playing 75 plus percent of the snaps every week, oftentimes 90 plus. So again, plenty of opportunity here. And then you look at Tennessee. And again, this is not a normal version of the Tennessee defense. But they have been a pass funnel defense all season long.

They've given up the second most receiving yards on the year, the second most receiving touchdowns on the season. So it is a great spot for Dallas wide receivers. And Tank, I'm pretty sure you agree with that.

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, absolutely. Actually, you had the perfect lead in coming into this segment because you're talking about how Christian Watson was missing out on one of the better match ups that you can have in the league. Well, actually, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans are looking to start up. They're tied for giving up the most receiving yards per game in the NFL this year.

And so this is one of those things where you may try to overthink it and say like, I wonder how much Dak and CeeDee are going to be out there just because they may not have to do too much against a Titans team that's basically throwing out the replacements. But look at it this way. They're still vying for possibly the number one seed overall in the NFC. And they still think they have a fighting chance to get the number one seed in the NFC East. So they want to start fast. There's no better way to do that than with Dak and with CeeDee Lamb.

And what I really like about is that CeeDee Lamb over the past couple games had 17 receptions, 246 yards, and two tuds. Dak has thrown six tuds over the past two weeks. This would be the perfect opportunity for CeeDee Lamb to have like one of those Justin Jefferson-type monster games where he has almost 200 receiving yards, multiple touchdowns, and puts everyone on notice that Dak and CeeDee are going to be what you need to focus on for the NFC playoffs. So hopefully, you get that for your fantasy finals. And then everyone will be sleeping good after Thursday Night Football.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, it's always important to remind people that it's not a bad thing if your quarterback, your running back race out to a big lead. They probably have something to do with it. They've probably done some of that scoring. So don't sweat that too much.