Tigers minor leaguer suspended 30 games for throwing ball during brawl

Whitecaps reliever Eduardo Jimenez mid-throw. (MILB)

A Detroit Tigers minor leaguer who threw a baseball at an opponent during a brawl had the book thrown at him with a lengthy suspension on Thursday.

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Eduardo Jimenez was suspended 30 games for the shocking act, retroactive to Monday’s game. The 22-year-old relief pitcher for the Single-A West Michigan Whitecaps was just steps away from Dayton Dragons pitcher Jesse Stallings when he fired the ball toward him.

The baseball hit Stallings near his midsection, but thankfully for the future of the Stallings family didn’t seem to do any damage.

Still, you can’t get away without being punished for such a  “well, that escalated quickly” moment and Jimenez will have plenty of time off to think about his approach.

Quite frankly, he’s lucky all he has to serve is 30 games with no baseball. Had the ball been thrown harder or landed in a different spot he could have landed in a jail cell.

Eduardo Jimenez throws a baseball during brawl.

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