Tignish to become a town

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The western P.E.I. community of Tignish will become the town of Tignish on April 1.

The community put the request in to the provincial communities department about three weeks ago, and just got approval.

Allan McInnis, currently the chairperson, will become the mayor on Saturday.

But McInnis said there isn't much else that will change.

Fear of annexation

The soon-to-be-town made the change because of a new Municipal Government Act, passed in December and expected to be proclaimed later this year.

The act sets a minimum size for a town at 4,000 people. Tignish has a population of about 900.

The community was concerned if it didn't become a town, another community in the area might, and then possibly annex Tignish.

"This was time for us to move, because we have everything that's needed," said McInnis.

"We're kind of the hub of the north end of Prince Edward Island, and now we are the farthest town north on Prince Edward Island."

McInnis said the community's tax status will not change, and the province will continue to plow and maintain the town's streets.

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