Tignish honours local veterans with new display

A new display is honouring veterans from the Tignish area of P.E.I. — the Tignish Legion has put up 75 banners on fence posts around its property.

The banners show photos of local veterans who served in the First World War, Second World War, Korea, and Afghanistan, up to present day service.

"What's really surprising is Tignish is not a huge area," said Floyd Gaudet, who is on the executive of the Tignish Legion.

"But the amount of people that put a uniform on and fought for this country or served under our flag — it's amazing, just how many people from our small area has provided service to the country." 

The photos were provided by veterans' families, who also helped pay some of the costs, along with generous donations from community organizations and businesses.

Popular idea

He said the banners were put up last Saturday and feedback has been positive.

 Gaudet said there are requests to put up even more banners next year.

"Our problem is now we have limited space," he said.

"We do have room for a few more, but I think we're going to have to regroup here as a team and see just how we go about this."

He said organizers may need to draw names to go on any additional banners. 

The legion plans to keep the banners up until Nov. 12 or 13. 

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