TikTok ban lifted on French overseas territory of New Caledonia

French authorities on Wednesday said they had lifted a ban in New Caledonia on TikTok, which they suspect of fuelling recent unrest in the French Pacific territory.

The move came after a state of emergency in New Caledonia ended on Tuesday, the High Commission, France's top representative in New Caledonia, said in a statement.

The government believes the app was being used by those opposed to French rule to communicate and organise violent protests.

There were also suspicions that foreign countries, including China and Azerbaijan, might be using TikTok to interfere in New Caledonia's affairs.

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However, the legal basis for the unprecedented ban was questionable, according to several lawyers interviewed by AFP.

The ban was carried out by New Caledonia's state-run Postal and Telecommunication Service -- a move made easier by the territory having only one mobile phone operator.

A total of 3,500 police and gendarmes have been deployed across the archipelago to keep the peace.


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