This TikTok-Famous Nordstrom Cocktail Is Seriously Boozy

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Photo credit: Delish & TikTok
Photo credit: Delish & TikTok

If you're anything like me, you love watching the iconic shopping montage from the 2006 film Marie Antoinette. Kirsten Dunst as the titular character sits in a lounge chair while attendants pour champagne and present her with the latest fashions.

I've come to accept that I'll never experience that kind of luxury when shopping. But the magical movie moment of shopping with a drink in your hand can become a reality at some high-end stores.

If you enlist a personal stylist at Nordstrom, for example, the stylist might buy you a signature cocktail to sip while they shop for you. At some locations, you can also order the drink yourself at the in-store bar. It may just be great customer service, but with the high-alcohol content, it might also help you to shell out more money.

The drink, officially named the Vine Street Cocktail, is made of vodka, rosé, AND prosecco. Nordstrom bartenders flavor it with simple syrup, lime juice, mint, and fresh grapes, which allegedly hides how strong the drink really is.

TikTok user @ufodelaney shared a video about the secretly-strong cocktail earlier this year, and it absolutely blew up. She claimed that this drink "made her friend spend $1000" on a pair of designer pants.

Commenters sounded off with their own stories of the colloquially named "Nordy Drink." Someone wrote, "I had the worst hangover of my life after hanging out at the Nordstrom Shoe Bar a little too long." Another user shared, "This drink goes down way too easy. I have Monopoly money half a pour in."

Naturally, I was curious and had to go try a Nordy Drink for myself. Delish Headquarters is conveniently just a quick walk to the nearest Nordstrom. I grabbed a seat at the main bar that's in the center of the designer shoe department (which seems like very strategic placement) and ordered a Vine Street Cocktail.

After my first sip, I almost forgot that there were three different types alcohol in it. It tasted like a cross between mint lemonade and a white wine spritzer. The Nordy Drink is super refreshing and easy to drink, and I quickly started to feel a buzz.

By the time I was done, I definitely felt tipsy. While I didn't do any shopping (thankfully), I chatted with the Nordstrom bartender. She told me that the Vine Street was by far one of the most popular drinks they sold, and customers frequently ask for the recipe. It also makes for a great batch cocktail to serve for brunch.

This cocktail definitely gets the Delish seal of approval. But if you don't want to risk the temptation of being tipsy around shoes you can't afford, you can check out the recipe on TikTok and make it at home.

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