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TikTok filter makes users run away from police: ‘I’d be singing Taylor [Swift] in jail’

TikTokers are breaking out of house arrest and running away from the police just to listen to their favorite music — all because of a filter, of course.

Mexican music group Los Huracanes Del Norte (@loshuracanesdelnorte) created the Cayo la Ley filter. In the filter, a person starts with their face looking out the window, then they run out of the house —surrounded by police cars — which leads to a chase.

The original sound uses lyrics from the song “El Gato de Chihuahua – En Vivo” saying, “Está rodeada tu casa.” That translates to “Your house is surrounded,” hence the police cars.

While the audio of “El Gato de Chihuahua – En Vivo” has over 194,000 posts, the entire filter has over 627,000 videos credited to it. While many have used the original song and played along in Spanish, English speakers adapted the filter to whatever genre of music they love the most.

With this filter, the joke is that users either have to stop listening to music they enjoy or go to jail.

“I’d be singing Taylor in jail,” said @navilair.

“It’s the getaway car music video we never got,” replied @admdvn.

Users have applied this joke to all genres of music, especially the niche ones without official titles.

“I KNEW I WASNT THE ONLY ONE TO CALL IT THIS,” said @av.erywalters.

“This is what my divorced dad listens to,” said @matt1e_was.h3re.

TikTokers have a clear attachment to their favorite artists and genres of music, and they are willing to risk their freedom to keep listening.

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