What is TikTok’s ‘forest questions’ relationship test?

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Women are using “forest questions” on their boyfriends and the results are not what they had hoped.

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Yet another in a long line of novelty quizzes circulating on TikTok, the forest questions test uses a metaphor to assess your relationship. The hashtag #forestquestions currently has 41,000 views on TikTok. The only trouble is the answers are a bit inconclusive.

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How to conduct the forest test:

Ask your romantic partner this series of questions.

  1. You’re in a forest. What is the first animal that you see? (Represents your partner.)

  2. What is the second animal that you see? (Represents you.)

  3. You see a hut. Do you go walk past it, knock and go inside or just head right in? (Represents your partner’s commitment level.)

  4. You see a jug. Is it full, half full, or empty? (Represents your partner’s love for you.)

These questions are supposed to reveal the truth about your relationship. But some TikTokers are getting different results…

In one TikTok, when the test concluded that @maddieblixx’s boyfriend was not ready for a relationship, he agreed with the test.

Despite the test showing that @hannahloveseat’s husband was ready for commitment it also said he didn’t love her. So her husband offered a sarcastic reply.

“Fair enough,” he texted her. “That totally and completely makes sense. We have no love and I don’t even know why we are together. You’re hurt. I understand. I’d be devastated by a few forest questions asking about survival and it explaining our marriage.”

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