TikToker’s dad reacts to exotic fruits, and the comments are extra spicy: ‘I find dads attractive now’

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TikToker Bearenger (@bearenger) posted a video of her dad sampling exotic fruits, and the food isn’t the only thing viewers are calling “delicious,” as evidenced by the many comments referring to his looks and charm.

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Bearenger is a health and wellness content creator who often shares videos of healthy recipes along with the occasional cameo from her dad, Michael Petrella (@mr.michaelpetrella). Recently, Bearenger posted a clip of her dad trying a series of fresh, exotic fruits. And while the fruit may be sweet, the comments are spicy.

Bearenger opens the video with footage of crates filled with deliciously ripe fruits at a farmer’s market, followed by an overhead shot of various tropical fruits such as papaya and coconut.

The clip, titled “My dad reacts to exotic fruits, Hawaii edition,” cuts to footage of Bearenger’s dad digging into a mango.

After taking a bite, he throws his head back, savoring the taste. “Oh my goodness! That’s the best mango I’ve ever had by far,” Petrella says without hesitation.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

Fresh coconut slices are next on the list. “You know, I heard if you eat too much of this, you’ll be running to the bathroom. Not too much, just the tip,” Petrella says before biting off the end of a piece of coconut.

The following fruit, a sapodilla (a very sweet and fiber-rich fruit) is new to Petrella. As for the consensus, it’s total love at first bite.

Other fruits include a “fresh Hawaiian tangerine,” which Petrella confirms “tastes a lot different than a tangerine at home, ” as well as an ice cream banana, which tastes “almost like a Creamsicle.”

Last but not least, a Hawaiian papaya elicits a particularly satisfied reaction from Petrella, as it’s “so juicy” and “so good.”

“I love him”

While viewers enjoyed the assessment of the fruits, they were especially smitten by the honorary taste tester.

“I love him,” professed one user.

“I’m ‘I find dads attractive now’ years old,” one TikToker joked.

“That’s not a dad. That’s a daddy,” one viewer mentioned matter-of-factly.

Based on the comments, Bearenger’s recipes aren’t the only eye candy featured on her TikTok.

Chlöe Bailey on why self-love should be sexy:

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