Tilbury man wins $26M in Lotto Max

Fifteen minutes after winning $26 million, Mike Montminy drove into the parking lot of Cottingham Tire so he could quit his job. Every one of his colleagues ran out to greet him with hugs, handshakes and even a few fist bumps. 

Word had spread quickly in the small town of Tilbury, where Montminy and his wife Trish say they plan to stay as they figure out how they will invest, share and spend their winnings. 

The couple says they will give back to their community. They've already reached out to a few charities, including the food bank, which they say needs to be moved to a new location to better serve its clients. 

"The people within our community share this win with us," Mike said. "Although we won the lottery, it's a win for our town as well."

Mike was in disbelief when he first looked at the numbers. He had just put his jacket on before heading to work when he realized he had hit all seven numbers on his Lotto Max jackpot's Feb. 17 draw. 

Not entirely believing what he was looking at, he woke Trish to clarify.  Then he was off to Mr. Video and Convenience — one of two stores where he's been buying lotto tickets for 20 years. 

He's always played the Lotto Max because the pay out is so large. He even made Trish a promise when they first started dating, telling her to hang onto him because he was going to win the lottery one day. 

The couple plans to stay in Tilbury. They know their lives have changed in a big way, but they really want to keep things simple. 

"Although it's very exciting, and I don't want to downplay it, we are trying to keep our kids and ourselves grounded and try to make smart decisions," Mike said.