Tim Burton is reportedly working on a new Addams Family TV series

Brendan Morrow
·1 min read

Tim Burton is ready for a new show that sounds both creepy and kooky.

The director is looking to make a brand new live-action Addams Family TV series, Deadline reported on Thursday. His show would reportedly be set in the present day and would "be from the perspective of Wednesday Addams," exploring "what the world would look like to her in 2020," Deadline says.

This would be the first major live-action television project for Burton, who believe it or not has somehow not made several Addams Family movies already, and he’s reportedly looking to potentially direct every episode. It would also be the latest iteration of the Addams Family since the 2019 movie, which is getting a sequel set for next year, although that one was animated.

Multiple potential buyers are said to be interested in the Burton series including Netflix. We can only assume one of them will buy the project up in a snap.

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