'Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories' returns to service you in Season 2 trailer

Like circus clowns, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have always ridden the line between comedy and horror, with grotesque characters just silly enough to make you laugh instead of cry. With Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories — returning Sept. 10 for a second season on Adult Swim — they push those boundaries a little further.

The deliberately low production values of the original Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! was a key element in keeping things light, but Bedtime Stories feels like a genuine horror film. That is, if a horror film starred comedy luminaries like Fred Willard, Rhea Perlman, or Will Forte (who, in our exclusive Season 2 trailer debut, is seen being serviced by “Lovely Linda”). They, along with a bunch of other heavy-hitters like Ray Wise and Andre Royo, make the show feel like the most insane version of Black Mirror imaginable.

Horror comedy is notoriously difficult to tackle, but along with Stan Against Evil and Ash vs. Evil Dead also currently on the air, Bedtime Stories is creating a renaissance for the genre.

Season 2 of Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories premieres Sept. 10 at midnight on Adult Swim. Tim & Eric Awesome Show Special premieres Aug. 27 at midnight on Adult Swim.

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