Tim Hortons pulls 'poppy donut' in Calgary

A Tim Hortons franchise in Calgary has been in the spotlight due to their controversial ‘poppy donut.’

An employee at the Alberta location came up with the idea for the treat which was sold in store until Nov. 4.

The popular Calgary-based Facebook page Crackmacs shared the picture of the doughnuts to its followers who quickly began contacting Tim Hortons with their outrage.

Some took issue with the fact that customers buying the doughnut might think that their money was going to the Royal Canadian Legion, which was unclear at the time the doughnuts were being sold.

Here’s what people had to say on Twitter:

Others offered helpful advice to the company:

After the outcry, however, the owner of the franchise that sold the doughnut said that they will match and donate 100 per cent of the poppy doughnut proceeds to the Legion.

Tim Hortons tweeted this from their official account after the story started circulating:

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