It's time to choose Toronto's top chocolate chip cookie

It's time to choose Toronto's top chocolate chip cookie

Six bakers are sending their best chocolate chip cookie into battle on Monday evening in the bake-off to end all bake-offs.

By the end of the evening, hosted at the Drake hotel, one cookie will be crowned Toronto's best.

Stephanie Duong, co-owner of Roselle Desserts, has good reason to be confident: her recipe is a secret, and she's had more than a decade to practice making it.

"I started making it at 12 and I haven't altered it since," she told Matt Galloway on CBC Radio's Metro Morning. "This is the one recipe I don't actually share with anyone."

Duong's version uses roughly chopped chocolate chunks and features sea salt sprinkled on top to balance the sweetness.

Cora James, another competitor and the owner of Corvis: dessertbar, has some tricks up her sleeve as well.

"The trick to good cookie dough is letting the dough rest," she said. "It dries out the dough a little bit more so you get a dough that caramelizes better once it's baked. The flavours are allowed to meld together, and the cookies spread a lot less."

Also set to compete are the bakers behind XO Bisous, The Sweet Escape, Mabel's Bakery, and Le Gourmand.