Time Raiser auction requires time, not money, to bid on local art

Time Raiser auction requires time, not money, to bid on local art

It's often said the most valuable thing a person can give is their time and that's the thinking behind the art auction in Fredericton Thursday night. 

The Time Raiser event puts local art purchased for the auction up for bid, not with dollars and cents, but with hours and minutes.

Up to 100 hours can be bid which must be spent volunteering at a local charity of the bidders choice.

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"The trick is you have to complete your volunteer hours before you get your piece," said Paul McAllister, who has been helping organize the event.

"So we try to caution people because they don't really always realize what 100 hours of volunteer work is. That's a job. But in the end it's worth it." 

Starting at 7 p.m. in downtown Fredericton at the Boyce Farmers Market the event is described as a "win-win-win" by it's national organizers. 

 "We're creating some meaningful experiences for the participants who pledge their hours and get to give back to those non-profits and support the artists," said Jaime Robson, managing director of Frameworks Foundation, the company hosting the event and purchasing the local art for the auctions. 

Cities in Canada

"And this will be our 74th time raiser," said Robson.  

The latest series of these auctions, that have previously taken place in various Canadian cities, are a part of the Canada 150 celebrations. 

"So there will be Time Raiser events in every province across the country this year," said Robson.