Time out on road construction during Canada Summer Games

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The City of Winnipeg plans to restrict road construction around Canada Summer Games venues and tourist attractions throughout the 18-day event.

Games organizers are expecting 20,000 people — including 4,400 athletes, coaches, managers and chaperones — during the games, which run from July 27 to Aug. 13.

The city wants to ensure games-related traffic won't be disrupted by barricades.

"We will be restricting construction in areas around venues, hotels, major tourist locations and transit-shuttle routes, but most other areas will proceed without interruption," city spokesperson Lisa Fraser said in a statement.

"We are giving contractors advance notice so they can co-ordinate around the games. City contracts are being written prohibiting construction in specific areas during the games, when possible."

The city also won't approve lane closures or other permits to use streets during the games in the same areas, Fraser said.

"At any given time, we'll have between 45 and 110 buses on the streets, transporting those athletes," said Canada Summer Games president and CEO Jeff Hnatiuk. "So for people to be able to avoid any kind of traffic is huge for us."

The city plans to spend $1.3 million to help operate the games, including the bus transportation for athletes, coaches, managers and chaperones. The buses will run between Richardson International Airport, hotels, athletes' residences, practice venues and competition sites from July 27 to Aug. 13.

The city contribution also covers security, access to city venues and free Winnipeg Transit use by games volunteers.

The city, province and Ottawa have each contributed $3 million to venue upgrades, including the completion of downtown's Sport For Life Centre.