Time served and 15 months of probation given in series of thefts

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A 29-year-old Sarnia man received time served followed by 15 months of probation after pleading guilty to seven charges that stretch back to June 24.

Lee Grant walked into Home Depot on Quinn Drive in Sarnia on Feb. 7, where he put a circular saw and a voltage combo kit under his coat and walked out of the store. Two people had seen him steal the merchandise and tried to stop him outside the store. Lee pulled a knife on them, but he was disarmed by the bystanders.

A woman came into her living room in her Finch Drive apartment on June 24 where she found Grant holding her PlayStation and Xbox, said Assistant Crown Attorney Ryan Iaquinta, as he read the statement of fact in Sarnia court on May 13. The high rise building was under construction and he managed to get on her balcony and open her sliding door. He ran out the front door of her unit and police were unable to find him.

Police were called again during the evening of Aug. 22 for a possible break and enter on Kathleen Avenue. He was found carrying luggage outside of the home when he was arrested.

He stole about $400 worth of items from the Real Canadian Superstore on Jan. 24, mostly meat and meal replacements. Grant managed to get away without any of the goods when it was discovered he was stealing. He was identified by his accomplice.

Police were again called just before 9 a.m. near Indian Road and Sycamore Drive. Lee was yelling and throwing things at his female partner. Police were called three times but each time they could not find the pair. Lee tried to run when the police did find him. When he was put up against the cruiser, he yelled, “I am not resisting,” while he continued to resist. He continued to yell at officer when he was in the cruiser.

He had spent 20 days in jail as he awaited sentence.

Blake Ellis, The Independent

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