Time for a spring break? An auntie who knows you're busy found day camps that aren't full

​​​I'm not a parent.

In fact, I only recently became an auntie to two (soon to be three) lovely nieces.

When I think about a day in the life of a parent, I imagine that it comes together sort of like a mélange of ingredients in a recipe:

- The well-buttered machine that is Julia Childs.

- A spicy, spinning assault from the Tasmanian Devil.

- A dash of diligence .

- A sprinkling of diva, à la Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada.

Put ​it all in blender and press purée.

​Bottom line, I flat-out respect all that moms and dads do to nudge these little lives into becoming fully functioning and well-rounded humans.

But breaks: I know moms and dads need breaks.

So here are five fun, educational and, above all, time-consuming activities from the perspective of a "totally rad" and about-town auntie: ​

1. FortWhyte Alive's nature day camps and farm day camps

Children will not only become one with nature, but learn valuable skills such as orienteering.

Because if you're ever lost in the woods or a supermarket, you'll need to use this stuff. 

Cost: $45-$50 per day. Dates: March 27-31. Spaces still available.

2. Winnipeg Art Gallery Spring Break Art Camp

Let the experts take care of artistic skill development.

Young Picassos will practice a different artistic form each day, play art games and take tours in the galleries. 

Cost: $45-$50 per day. Dates: March 27-31. Spaces still available.

3. Canadian Forces Winnipeg March Break Camp

Life is not all just fun and games. Sometimes there are swimming, bowling, gymnastics, egg drops and pizza.

The men and women who serve Canada know that to work hard, you must play hard. Plus, after the week is over, I guarantee the kids will have you punctually adhering to military time. At least that's what I'd tell them to do as their practical-joking auntie.

Cost: $140-160 for entire week. Dates: March 27-31. Spaces still available.

4. Indigo March Break Events at 11 a.m.

This idea requires a little bit more planning and a lot of trust. Enlist grandparents, a best friend, an auntie or an uncle for a day of babysitting fun!

After an early morning drop-off and an educational television episode or two, start your journey to Indigo. Participate in a variety of crafts and board games that are lined up each day of March break.

Cost: Free. Dates: Daily, March 27-31. Auntie babysitter suggested.

5. MTYP Spring Break Theatre Camp

Biggest life lesson to learn? How to play well with others. This day camp is for the wallflower child who's just waiting for the right moment to break out of a shy little shell.

Kids will spend a full five days building a theatre production from the ground up. As parents, your reward is witnessing a finished show. Remember, record it on your smartphone and save it to show years later at a wedding or graduation dinner.

Cost: $255 for entire week. Dates: March 27-31. Spaces still available.

Helpful tip: These camps are designed for children 6-12, which works perfectly, since I'm told you can't leave the kiddos on their own until after they turn 12.

Lindsay MacKenzie is a marketer, brand loyalty builder, fashion enthusiast and closet opera singer, as well as CBC senior communications manager. She's also a doting auntie to chicken nugget and peanut (or as they're better known, Layla and Heidi).