Timelapse Shows Accumulation During Newfoundland 'Snowmaggedon' Blizzard Emergency

The city of St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, declared a state of emergency on January 17 as the province was battered by a blizzard that brought high winds and driving snow.

Local authorities ordered all area businesses to close and closed the roads to all traffic except emergency vehicles. Local reports said plowing was also suspended.

Over 14 inches of snow had fallen in St John’s by 1.30 pm local time, reports said, and the city was expected to receive up to 30 inches.

Video filmed by Igor Gribanov shows snow accumulation at his home in St John’s over approximately two hours.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were among the many Canadians using the hashtag #Snowmaggedon2020 in reference to the event. Credit: Igor Gribanov via Storyful