Timelapse Shows Grizzly Bear Snuggling Into Winter Hibernation Den

Tundra, a 17-year-old grizzly bear at the Denver Zoo, decided the cold spell that recently hit Colorado was too much to handle and nestled down into a cozy den to hibernate for the winter.

In a timelapse video shared by the zoo on November 14, Tundra can be seen pawing at mulch around her habitat before she scoots herself inside a 7-foot-deep hole she dug.

The zoo said in the Facebook caption that Tundra’s “wild counterparts hibernate this time of year, and we think it’s pretty cool that she’s doing what’s biologically appropriate for her.”

Earlier this year, the zoo shared footage of Tundra “living her best hot bear summer” life as she splashed around in a pool at the zoo. Credit: Denver Zoo via Storyful