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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2020 / Timur Insanally is an entrepreneur who founded an educational business where him and his team solve people's problems by learning how to trade in the foreign exchange and crypto currency markets. When Timur was 18 he traveled to China to investigate child labor and exploitation as part of an educational program for school which made a huge impact on his life. Witnessing these conditions in China transformed and fundamentally shaped his perspective on human suffering and gave Timur Insanally the passion and lifelong mission of serving and impacting others all over the world.

Timur Insanally believes he has a moral obligation to utilize his skills, resources, and passion to develop opportunities and solutions to help average people achieve above-average results. When Timur was in college he was granted the opportunity to work with the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, and several federal agencies in combating human trafficking. This gave him the determination to have his life's work involve serving the most vulnerable in the world, giving a voice to those who were silenced, and showing young people that there is another way.

Timur Insanally found motivation to start his own educational business from his love and passion for helping others, and his belief that he has what it takes to make a difference. One of the biggest challenges Timur faced when starting his own business was branding, adapting to current trends in the marketplace, and establishing a strong team. Timur believes that innovative branding is the best solution because it allows businesses to cast a wide net to have customers from multiple demographics. He also highlights the importance for entrepreneurs to cast a vision for business and their teams because you want to have people in your organization who relate to your vision and understand you on a deeply personal level.

Timur was inspired to get into his niche of trading because he was interested by the concept that you can leverage your own money in the world's financial markets. Even more, he was intrigued that you can accomplish this based on your knowledge of analyzing current trends in the marketplace. Timur Insanally says that this has shown him another way to look at money and how to make a living remotely. As long as service or WiFi is available, the ability to make money could be endless. He understood that studying, practicing, and strengthening mental faculties would prepare him for a successful future.

When being asked the importance of mindset when starting your own business, Timur Insanally replied with "Mindset is crucial. Every new entrepreneur needs to have a problem-solving mentality and develop new neural patterns to help retrain your approach to obstacles, problems, and adversity to create a successful business." Timur emphasizes the fact that an entrepreneur cannot rush their goals and achievements because they first need to experience some obstacles and setbacks to grow their mind and themselves as a person.

Timur Insanally's advice for those trying to start their own business is to create a service that provides value, have an online presence, adapt to the changing technology, and know your competitors. An entrepreneur's perception of fear and success is what will determine the trajectory of their business. To Timur, fear is an illusion in the mind that can only be solved with personal growth. The first step is to identify the problem that is causing fear, find the root of the problem, find a solution and eliminate that fear to keep pushing forward towards your goals. Success to Timur means having the ability to use your story and experiences to inspire the world and those around you. He expands by saying "Success is not merely about money, it is about leaving a trail of positive change behind in your footsteps."

One of the biggest obstacles Timur Insanally has faced as an entrepreneur has been understanding how to run an organization with a thousand different personalities. He had to learn how to speak with different people from different cultural backgrounds and demographics. Timur admits that he has not yet mastered the skill of building relationships yet but it has always been an obstacle that he learns to do every single day. He made it his absolute goal to work on himself and become a better person for his customers and business partners that trust in him to serve them.

As for what is next for Timur, he is working with close business partners to create trading hubs all over the world. He is planning to launch a robust recreational trading center in communities in the United States and then, globally. His goal in this is to give everyone the equal opportunity to have information about money, markets, and mindset to grow into strong impactful leaders and help change their financial situations. To learn more about Timur Insanally and his business, click here.

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