Tina Fey gets into a Taylor Swift-style squad feud with Nicole Richie on 'Great News'

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Nicole Richie‘s character, Portia Scott-Griffith, found herself in a girl squad feud on Great News with Tina Fey‘s character, Diana St. Tropez. It all started with Diana throwing some shade during a Women in Business panel. Diana didn’t think Portia belonged on the stage with her, so when the TV anchor jumped in on an answer, Fey’s character couldn’t handle it any more. “Portia actually brings up an interesting point. Today, any woman can be a CEO — Portia or Kylie Jenner or that turtle who had sex with a shoe,” Diana said before adding, “She has her own line of aquarium filters.”

After that subtle shade, there was only one thing Portia could do — record a Taylor Swift-style diss track — or, in this case, a “dish” track. In a music video that looked a lot like Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, Portia struts through the newsroom singing, “You know you better wash dish, bish. I’ve had enough of your ish, bish. I’m a famous and rish, bish. So you better wash dish, bish.”

But Portia didn’t realize who she was messing with, because her boss responded in the worst way possible — by seizing Portia’s social media followers. When Portia realized that she had lost all of her social media followers, she stormed into Diana’s office. After Portia asked what happened to her followers, Diana responded with, “I’m on the board of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Westworld. I can do whatever I want to your followers — even worse than what I do to those robots, and I do some messed-up stuff, stuff where I’m the boy.”

In the end, the ladies decided it was best to squash their beef and work together. Diana was impressed by Portia and told her, “You may not have an MBA or be invited to the CEO gatherings where we hunt people — and they’re not poor people either, they’re very solidly upper-middle class — but you are a real businesswoman.”

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