Tiny considers higher fines, longer paid parking season for area beachgoers next year

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Visitor parking is about to get tougher in Tiny Township.

After a slew of parking-related complaints received this summer when visitors flocked to the area, staff sat down to come up with a parking strategy to be implemented next year.

The result is an extended permit parking season and increased parking fines.

"Currently, it's necessary to display one between May 15 and Sept. 15," said Steve Harvey, chief municipal law enforcement officer. "But as council has seen over the last few years with nicer weather over the fall, this year, we extended the season to Oct. 5. Staff is suggesting the parking permit season be extended by a month at each end, April 15 to Oct. 15."

As for parking fines, he said, currently, a no-parking ticket is $50 if paid on time and $60 with penalty.

"These are costs equal to a full-day parking," Harvey said. "We're recommending increasing it $75 and $90."

A third part of the strategy is around the township's parking boundaries, he said.

"During this summer, we received a lot of communications from residents on the eastern shoreline that were affected by day trippers that were using the little parks and walkways to beaches," Harvey said talking about Corrie Hamelin Park on Champlain Road and Peek-a-boo Trail at Tee Pee Point Park.

In his report, he outlined five options for council to consider. Staff is suggesting targeted permit parking program at a specific parking lot, converting targeted open parking to permit parking, converting open parking along the eastern shoreline to permit parking or converting open parking across the township to permit parking. Council could also choose to take no action and see how it goes in 2021, said Harvey, adding staff recommended the second option be adopted with a clause that staff report back on the feasibility.

Deputy Mayor Steffen Walma and Coun. Tony Mintoff both supported the option recommended by staff and suggested removing the need for staff to report back on the parking boundaries option.

"We can adapt and increase the plan if we find ourselves in a similar position next summer," said Walma.

Tiny sells 175 'non-resident' permits on a first-come, first-serve basis with a non-resident being defined as a resident of the Town of Midland, the Town of Penetanguishene, the Township of Tay and the Township of Springwater.​ ​Permits cost $100.00 and are not transferable.

The decision will be ratified at a future council meeting.

Mehreen Shahid, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, OrilliaMatters.com