Tisdale’s Barrier Heights Subdivision undergoing development

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Storm and sewer lines are being added to Tisdale’s Barrier Heights Subdivision, as the first step of a multi-year project to expand residential development for the community.

“We’re just kind of getting started on it this year,” said Brad Hvidston, Tisdale’s administrator. “We don’t have a huge immediate demand for lots but we want to make sure that once the lots in our current subdivision are full we have some lots available in the next subdivision.”

The town has budgeted $875,000 for this year’s work.

This fall’s storm and sewer work is expected to cover the Doghide Drive portion of the subdivision, which will continue to 98th Street next summer.

After water and sewer is completed, the roadwork, curbs and streetlights will be installed. Houses will be in the final steps.

The town doesn’t expect the lots to be ready for sale until 2023-24.

Tisdale council approved the layout of the lots at their meeting on Oct. 25, which will be sent to the surveyor to finalize plans.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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