New Tisdale council applies for funding for RECplex

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The new Tisdale council has been sworn in followed by business as usual with a couple of items discussed around the new table.

Mayor Al Jellicoe returned to council after being acclaimed mayor on Oct. 8. Seeing the majority of the table being new councillors, Jellicoe said he was impressed with everyone’s interest and the discussions that took place during this first council meeting on Nov. 16.

“They all seemed very interested in the town. A few things that we did talk about they all had some good opinions. I’m looking forward to the next four years.”

As the council also discussed policy and procedures, new councillors had quite a lot of information thrown their way and Jellicoe said mentoring them is going to be an important aspect of council.

Looking at the new council, Chief Administrative Officer Brad Hvidston said they are a good group who are coming into it with the best intentions of the community in mind.

“We've seen a few big projects coming down the pipe, and I hope that they continue on with those big projects so we can see the progress of the community grow. It's a really good group here.”

With the election done and the new council seated at the table, Jellicoe said the 2021 budget is going to be a large proponent of upcoming meetings and discussions. New councillors will have to be prepared to take on the challenge by reviewing the town’s finances, he said.

Council also approved the town’s application for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). The town will have to address a number of issues at the Tisdale RECplex whether they are approved for ICIP funding or not, Hvidston said, however, having the government help fund the project would be welcome.

New boilers, new chillers, mechanical room ventilation upgrades, new lobby flooring, lighting and electrical upgrades are all on the list of much-needed improvements that are not going to come cheap at $943,000 worth of work, Hvidston said.

The RECplex is 38 years old, Jellicoe said, and with all the upgrades that are needed, the government covering 72 per cent of the project’s funding is substantial.

Becky Zimmer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Battlefords Regional News-Optimist