Tisdale Landfill project expected to be completed this summer

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The Tisdale Regional Landfill expansion project is expected to be completed by the end of September following delays caused by the pandemic.

Work scheduled this summer includes building a new pit, expanding the fence, as well as moving the road and scale house further south.

Brad Hvidston, Tisdale’s administrator, said that while the landfill will remain accessible through the work, the route may become challenging for a period.

“Be patient with us as the work is going on because there will be some difficulties accessing certain portions,” Hvidston said.

“There might be temporary roads built, so if the weather is not great it may not be easy to travel on as the existing road.”

Tisdale council awarded the tender for building the new cell at their May 25 council meeting to Chupa Trucking & Excavating Ltd. Their work is budgeted to cost $1.2 million.

“With the existing pits that we were hauling to becoming filled, we will be coming in through a different angle. Where the shack and the scale house sit now will be decommissioned,” Hvidston said.

“Chupa’s work is to dig the new pit and associated drainage, stuff like that with that area, and then decommission the old area of the landfill.”

The additional work at the site is set to be tendered at a later date.

In 2019, the project received funding through the Investing in Canada program. The Town of Tisdale received $2.13 million from the federal government, $1.78 million from the provincial government for the existing regional landfill, including a new compost pad. The total cost of the project is $5.33 million.

The original timeline had the expansion required to be completed in 2020, but due to the pandemic Investing in Canada projects were given an extended time to complete.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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