Tisdale new Limerick clerk/treasurer

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At their council meeting on Oct. 19, Steven Potter, the acting clerk and treasurer of Limerick Township, announced during his verbal update that a new permanent clerk and treasurer was about to be hired. According to a media release sent out on Oct. 23, the new clerk and treasurer will be the current deputy clerk and treasurer Victoria Tisdale. She will assume her new duties on Dec. 2. A competition for the soon to be vacant deputy clerk/treasurer position will begin immediately.

Potter gave his verbal report to council at the Oct. 19 council meeting, saying that things are going well within the clerk’s department. Potter mentioned that council had been undergoing planning training through webinars. Council will also be working on the procedural bylaw and the procurement policy and bylaw over the next several weeks, in addition to a performance appraisal and management system for staff that will appear on the November council meeting agenda.

Mayor Carl Stefanski asked Potter if the procurement bylaw would be done all on their own or if they would mirror it on another township’s bylaw, and if so, would there be any conflict or copyright issues. Potter replied that they could borrow the language from another municipality but that it would be very much their own, and that it was free to share and borrow the bylaw language from all 444 municipalities.

“It’s all public, the language if fairly standard. As to amounts and processes, each township is different, so it will be tailored accordingly. You may want to look at it and defer approval of it until December to make sure that it’s right,” he says.

Potter went on to say that he had been involved in the recruitment process for the position of clerk/treasurer and that they anticipated a media release announcing the successful candidate by the end of the week. True to his word, the release was sent out Oct. 23, and announced that the current deputy clerk and treasurer, Victoria Tisdale, will be the new clerk/treasurer for the township.

In addition to a two-year business diploma from Bow Valley College in Calgary and eight years as a shipping/receiving lead hand, Tisdale has been involved with the occupational health and safety committees with the township, training staff, providing customer service and is currently the CEMC for the township. She is also in the process of completing the Municipal Administration Program with the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario. Potter will continue on as acting clerk/treasurer until Dec. 2, when Tisdale will take over the position.

“On behalf of council, I would like to congratulate Victoria and thank all the candidates who applied for the position,” says Stefanski, “Council knows that Victoria will bring to the clerk/treasurer position the same dedication and excellence that she has displayed since she first joined our township.”

Stefanski also thanked Steven Potter for his services as acting clerk/treasurer and Joan Donaldson, who helped out as interim administrative assistant during this transition period. The competition for the deputy clerk and treasurer position will begin immediately.

Tisdale says she has very much enjoyed working with the township and welcomes the opportunity to serve as clerk and treasurer.

“I look forward to working collaboratively with council and staff to serve our community.”

Tisdale, soon to be the new clerk and treasurer, also serves as the township’s CEMC, and gave an update to council at the Oct. 19 meeting.

“There have been four active cases of COVID-19 here in Hastings Prince Edward, so we’ve implemented daily screening for all employees in the township buildings, have sign-in sheets, all necessary PPE has been ordered and supplied for all the buildings, and the cleaning supplies for all the bathrooms, most of which are park bathrooms which are now closed,” she says.

Tisdale says that so far things at the office and the recreation centre have been good. She says it was recommended that they shut down the office with the increase in cases, however it has been a slight increase so far. If cases continue to climb, she suggested to council that they consider doing so.

“But I don’t think that needs to happen yet. We don’t have many people coming in, and already people are pretty skittish about going out in public,” she says. “If they continue to climb to alarming numbers, maybe we can consider it, but for now I think we have the proper precautions in place, so it should be okay.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times