TNRD Directors' votes to now be individually recorded

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Back in February 2019, Mel Rothenburger, a TNRD Director for Electoral Area ‘P’ requested at a TNRD board meeting that his vote against a particular motion be recorded in the meeting minutes. He then made the further request that all of his votes in opposition to tabled motions be recorded.

TNRD Chair Gillis, however, opposed this idea and told Rothenburger that recording individual votes would be too “cumbersome” due to the fact that there were 26 directors. The suggestion ended up being voted down by the board.

Only the result of the vote would be recorded, either as “carried”, “unanimous” or “opposed”. This was particularly problematic pre-COVID as TNRD meetings were not previously broadcast, meaning that TNRD residents had no way of knowing how their elected representatives voted unless they attended the meeting, or directors stipulated that their vote be recorded.

Former TNRD CAO Sukh Gill, whose extravagant spending and mysterious retirement has recently brought the TNRD under intense media and public scrutiny, agreed that it would be too difficult to record the votes of more than two dozen directors.

“We don’t keep track of it,” Gill told Kamloops This Week (KTW) reporter Jessica Wallace at the time.

However, due to a recent policy revision that changed the procedural bylaw, directors’ votes will now be recorded.

If a motion is opposed by the majority, those who voted in favour will be recorded and the same goes for those directors who vote in opposition to a motion which is carried by the majority.

Current TNRD CAO Scott Hildebrand told KTW that he believed the change was important.

“We record that now,” said Hildebrand.

“I think that’s important, and I think it’s something other jurisdictions practice.”

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald