Toad goes viral after woman makes him variety of hats to wear

A woman decided to make several different hats for a toad that hangs out on her front porch. Photo from Reddit.

Sometimes a toad just needs a fancy top hat. At least that’s what one Alabama woman decided after observing a large toad sitting on her front porch.

In a post titled “Toad on my porch needed a hat so I made it happen,” Reddit user 1158pm published a series of images that are sure to make you laugh.

In the first image, the porch-dwelling toad appears hatless and — if we were to hazard a guess — terribly depressed. In image number two, he is seen wearing a snazzy pink top hat. It’s captioned: “I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out. Foam paper seemed like a toad friendly material.”

Another image shows the toad in that same pink hat, but it’s now been dressed up with a feather and monocle.

The self-proclaimed “toad milliner” was kind enough to make a variety of hats for the amphibian, including a purple baseball cap and a cowboy hat complete with tiny lasso.

It should come as no surprise that the toad now has a strong online following. As of Friday, the Reddit post has been viewed more than 801,000 times.