Toadfish make croaking sound that can be felt over a mile away

Toadfish make a vibrating croaky sound that can be heard and felt by divers for a long distance. These fish inhabit the waters of the Caribbean and other oceans around the world. This elusive fish was filmed in Belize, hiding under coral. They emerge partway from under the ledges to croak and call to prospective mates. The sound of their mating call is unmistakable. Scuba divers can hear the sound of a toadfish and they can actually feel the vibration in their chest. The toadfish is rarely seen, but divers will try to zero in on their location to get a look or even a photograph. Often, the divers will tell each other excitedly that they heard the sound of a close toadfish. These lucky divers were searching for several evenings when they came upon this one in plain view. They signaled each other and gathered around for what might be the only sighting that each diver will ever have of this animal. Toadfish are a favourite food of dolphins. Dolphins are attracted by the mating call and they will track them by sound and vibration to catch them. Toadfish are also alerted by the clicks and pops of the dolphins and they will decrease their mating calls by as much as 50% when dolphins are nearby. Toadfish are bizarre looking creatures with an unforgettable appearance. The ocean is full of fascinating and unique animal life. Only the lucky few get to experience this world firsthand.