Toddler too cool for bouncy castle

You will never be as cool as this toddler. Video still from YouTube

A bouncy castle is generally the place you’ll find overly excited children literally bouncing off the walls. But not all the time, as one YouTube video proves.

The 16-second clip is titled “I will never be as cool as my 2 year old nephew in a bounce house”. It shows a little boy in a bouncy castle wearing a green polo shirt, a zip-down cardigan and sweatpants. He bounces around with bare feet and his hands placed firmly in his pockets. As he bops up and down, the boy stares straight at the camera with an look of indifference.

“Parker’s got it down,” a man says off camera.

Another little boy nearby fumbles around on all fours, trying to find his balance. Despite the action going on around him, Parker keeps doing his thing, with his hands placed firmly in his pockets the whole time.

Commenters left their opinion about the unperturbed little boy, with many predicting he’d soon be a guest on the Elle DeGeneres show.

“When everyone at the party is a year younger than you,” one wrote.

“This kid gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse,” said another user.

One YouTube user put it more bluntly: “Future politician right here.”