Toddler has the funniest reaction to dad shaving his beard

This toddler’s reaction to her dad shaving his beard is absolutely priceless!

Ella (@hrfunnybusiness21) is a parent, HR professional, and TikToker who shares career advice and humorous videos about the workplace. While Ella’s TikTok account is mostly dedicated to her professional career, the parent occasionally shares videos about her kids and family, including an absolutely adorable video showing how her toddler daughter reacted when her husband shaved his beard! In the sweet video, the toddler is recorded reacting to her dad shaving his beard off for the first time in 2021, then again a year later, in 2022.

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The video begins with a shot of Ella’s husband holding his daughter in 2021. The baby, who is wearing a pink shirt and matching bow in her hair, smiles up at her dad. Ella’s husband, meanwhile, is holding a blue washcloth over his face, so that the baby can’t see anything beneath his nose.

“Alright, daddy just shaved his beard!” Ella says from behind the camera.

“Look at me,” Ella’s husband says to the baby, who is squirming and giggling in his arms. “Ready?”

Then, the dad removes the washcloth from his face, revealing that his beard is gone!

The baby looks up at her dad, and the smile is immediately replaced by an expression of shock. The confused baby’s mouth hangs open, as she looks at her clean-shaven dad as though she hardly recognizes him.

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Then, the video cuts to 2022. Ella’s husband has grown his beard back and holds the now-toddler in his arms. The toddler strokes his beard as she looks up at her dad adoringly.

Then, in the next shot, the dad has shaved his beard again. He once again holds a washcloth up to hide his face as he holds his daughter in his arms. But this time, when the dad reveals his clean shaven face, the toddler doesn’t look at him in horror. Instead, she smiles and places her head on his shoulder. The video ends with the father and daughter smiling at each other.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler and her obvious love for her dad!

“The way she looks at him after the second reveal!” one viewer commented.

“She looked at him with all the love in the world,” another viewer wrote.

“Her reaction is priceless,” commented another TikToker.

The video shows just how much Ella’s toddler loves her dad—no matter what he looks like!

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