Toddler gets spooked out after seeing her shadow for the first time

Screenshot from YouTube

Growing up, the world can sometimes seem like a big and scary place. That’s why it’s hard not to sympathize with a little girl who suddenly realizes that not only does she have a shadow, but it’s also been following her around this entire time.

At least it appears that’s what went through the mind of Solomon Underwood’s two-year-old niece in a YouTube video he recently posted of her reacting to her own silhouette. In the clip first posted on March 5, two toddlers can be seen going about their business while walking down a path during a sunny day in a public park.

That’s when one of them suddenly stops dead in her tracks and looks down to see a dark figure replicating her every move. It’s not long before she adorably decides that something is horribly wrong, causing her to back away in fear and into the arms of an adult who can hopefully make sense of this terrifying situation.

But as it turns out, this little tyke shouldn’t be too hard on herself because a fear of one’s own shadow is actually a very real thing. It’s known as Sciophobia, which means fear of shadows.

A quick search of the term online reveals cute clips of children reacting in fear to their own silhouettes, leaving YouTube users amused by the hilarious and harmless reactions, such as these ones below:

So don’t feel bad if your own child has ever gotten spooked by their own dark reflection. As these clips show, they certainly weren’t the first to do so and will more than likely eventually figure out what’s really going on once they get a little older.