Tom Brady's 40th birthday marked with singing, videos and ... goats?

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It’s Aug. 3, which as any New England Patriots fan will tell you, means it’s Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.’s birthday. And this year it’s not just any birthday for Brady – it’s his 40th.

Wait, you hadn’t heard? Where ya been? We’ve been talking about it all week!

Happy birthday, Tom! Fans feted New England Patriots QB Tom Brady on his 40th. (AP)

Since Brady’s birthday always falls during training camp, the thousands of fans on hand usually sing to him and some bring handmade signs, and this year was no different:

But it wasn’t just the fans who went all out. The Patriots had actual baby goats in tiny team jerseys on hand (because Brady is the Greatest of All Time, or G.O.A.T. for short):

A local cupcake store offered Brady-approved treats – avocado cupcakes – and paired them with another Brady favorite, avocado ice cream, in an offering to media:

Then there’s this: New England receiver Julian Edelman, who is both one of Brady’s favorite targets and an unabashed fan of pretty much everything Brady does, posted this video to his social media feeds.

At any rate, happy birthday Tom.