Tom Hanks remembers ‘Bosom Buddies’ co-star Peter Scolari: ‘We were molecularly connected’

On Tuesday, Tom Hanks stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where he remembered his longtime friend Peter Scolari. Scolari starred opposite Hanks on the series “Bosom Buddies,” and recently lost a two-year battle with cancer. Hanks recalled having an instant connection with Scolari.

“I don't know how many people truly do change your lives when you cross paths with them,” Hand said. “We met, picked up the scripts, started screwing around. I actually thought, this is it. This is how this works. This is like a hand inside a glove.”

Hanks later added, “We were molecularly connected in a way that we started speaking the same language.”

While their chemistry led to hilarious moments on camera, it drove directors nuts during rehearsals. Hanks recalled one director, who had absolutely no time for their shenanigans, actually getting in a verbal altercation with Scolari.

Hanks ended the interview by sharing one of his favorite clips from the series and honoring the family that Scolari left behind.

“Peter has a lovely family,” an emotional Hanks said. “His wife Tracy’s got absolutely great kids and we lost him to the emperor of all maladies.”

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