Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss Continue Their Alleged Romance on New ‘Vanderpump Rules’


After last week’s epic pool-party fight that ended with Katie Maloney desperately calling an Uber, the Vanderpump Rules gang finally heads down to Mexico this week to celebrate Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding.

Of course, on this utterly loveless show, the two’s actual nuptials are the least important part of this already dysfunctional trip.

Before the wedding festivities begin, though, there’s still some business to take care of in L.A., like another Schwartz & Sandy’s menu tasting (yawn) and a “tea party” at Lisa Vanderpump’s house that’s actually a surprise bridal shower for Scheana. But first, we get another scene of James Kennedy ranting about his ex-fiancée, Raquel Leviss.

As Raquel and Tom Sandoval’s scandalous affair—and, according to reports following the recent taping of the show’s cast reunion, perhaps even current relationship—continues to drive the news cycle, VPR fans both casual and dedicated are tuning in to the show in huge numbers, hoping for hints of gossip related to the controversy. Wednesday night’s latest episode offered plenty of drama when it comes to the complicated relationship dynamics between the tangled webs of parties involved—including not just Leviss and Sandoval, but their respective exes including James, Tom Schwartz, and Ariana Madix.

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If it hasn't already been proven, James is clearly not handling his ex-fianceé’s rise to main-character status well. During a chat with his father, Andros, the DJ nearly breaks the fourth wall, declaring that he “was here first.” Andros echoes that Raquel is on “his [James’] turf.” (Gross.) We can assume James’ head will explode when Being Raquel Leviss inevitably airs on Bravo in the fall.

At Schwartz & Sandy’s, the Toms are still *drum roll please* not ready to open! At first, it seemed like Greg, their business partner, was purposely stalling to collect rent money and possibly audition for his own Bar Rescue show. But in this scene, we see Schwartz give their manager Brett a drink menu that has neither cocktail names nor prices on it, and I have to wonder what these two are doing from 9 to 5 every day.

On camera, at least, they’re stuffing their faces with possible menu options, and Katie surprisingly scores an invite to this second round of tastings. (Greg said the first round was too dive-bar-y.) Katie and Schwartz have made up because Katie’s obsessed with having an amicable divorce, even though they couldn’t even have an amicable marriage. Everyone oohs and ahhs over crab beignets and lobster corn dogs.

Ally Lewber, James’ girlfriend, manages to escape from James’ grip for a lunch date with Ariana, Scheana and Lala Kent. Of course, no one really spends time getting to know Ally because Lala has to have the last word with her fight with Raquel from last week. Unfortunately, all she can do is slut-shame Raquel for wearing a bikini to a pool party. Scheana also talks about her wedding plans, which, as of this scene, don’t include the newly initiated Ally. Afterward, Ariana informs Scheana about a “tea party” Lisa’s hosting at Villa Rosa.

Then, we have an emotional scene with Lala, which are always hard to digest earnestly, but especially seconds after she said Raquel “looked like a prostitute.” On top of that, she’s having a heart-to-heart with Brock, who she had beef with last season after (rightfully) revealing his sketchy past to the group, including a domestic violence charge. Lala apologizes for how she handled the situation, even though it’s the only morally correct thing she’s done in the past four seasons.

Then we head over to Villa Rosa for Scheana’s surprise bridal shower, which isn’t much of a surprise because Scheana spots her sister’s car before she walks in. But it’s always great to see Lisa anxiously host a bunch of broke millennials in her home. The cast also greets Scheana with her smash hit “Good As Gold.”

Overall, the event is pretty tame. However, James drinks one too many Pumptinis and won’t stop professing his love for Ally in concerning ways, including repeatedly saying that he wants her to have his “blue-eyed babies.” Lisa accurately tells him that he sounds like a dictator. James also asks Lala, who’s been publicly wary about his new relationship, if he should propose to Ally in Mexico, which she’s deeply offended by. It’s becoming clearer with every James and Lala interaction this season that these two diabolic human beings are soulmates. They certainly have more chemistry with each other than with both of their flames this season.

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Speaking of chemistry (or lack thereof), Raquel and Schwartz have a boring conversation on some lawn chairs. And at the afterparty at Schwartz & Sandy’s, they randomly explore the men’s bathroom. In light of the Scandoval, many fans are speculating that these two manufactured their romance to distract from Raquel’s affair with Sandoval. And it’s hard not to watch their robotic flirting with this theory in mind. I don’t put it above Schwartz to seriously pursue Raquel. But sober (or at least not-as-drunk) Raquel seems less-than-horny around this man.

Before everyone flies out to Mexico, James begs Scheana and Brock to let Ally attend the wedding ceremony, and they oblige him. Most of the cast arrives at the Dreams Natura Resort and Spa, including Katie and other uninvited guest Kristina Kelly. Later, Scheana mentions that she was offended when Kristina giggled with former cast member Stassi Schroeder when she compared her crop-top wedding dress to a “skanky girl’s quinceanera” 10 years ago because she’s half-Mexican. It’s shocking that Bravo would even resurface this clip, considering you could make a 10-minute supercut of all the racially offensive comments Stassi’s made on the show.

Anyway, Katie is stunned to discover that Scheana moved her and Kristina to a different tower. And Brock makes everyone shout their wedding hashtag, #HoneyIDo. (Why do these exist??)

The first event of what will inevitably be 50 pre-wedding festivities is a dinner in an IKEA-looking restaurant. But before the group sits down, James has already body-checked one of Brock’s Australian friends for giving him “an annoying, drunk hug” in Lala’s words. To be fair, Brock’s home pals have proven to be irritating in the past, like when one of them was being touchy with Charli [last name] last season. If it’s the same dude, I feel no sympathy. However, Ariana’s really pissed about it. And she and James start shouting and clapping at each other.

An humiliated Ally storms out. Raquel smirks because she no longer has to be embarrassed by James. And we end with another deeply unnecessary “To Be Continued…”

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