TOMORROW x TOGETHER Make Their MTV VMAs Debut in Top Boy Band Style

TOMORROW x TOGETHER is making personal history tonight, performing and attending their first MTV VMAs ceremony. The five members of the K-pop group, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun, and Hueningkai, all coordinated in black, white, and tan ensembles for their red carpet appearance. They looked incredible:

2023 mtv video music awards arrivals
From left to right: Yeonjun, HueningKai, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Soobin Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images
2023 mtv video music awards arrivals
Jason Kempin - Getty Images

TOMORROW x TOGETHER is up for the best K-pop award for their song “Sugar Rush Ride.” They already won the Push Performance of the Year award. They are one of two K-pop performers this evening: Stray Kids is performing, too. They teased on stage they will be debuting a new song with Anitta.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER spoke to back in October 2020 about what their dream to accomplish in the U.S. music scene was. In the three years since, many of their ambitions have come true with them touring the U.S. But their appearance on the MTV VMAs stage is one of their biggest moments in America yet.

Of their goals, Soobin shared in 2020, “I’d like to perform at a large venue in front of many people. I think it will be an extremely valuable experience.”

Yeonjun added: “It’d be a dream to collaborate with globally renowned artists on stage at an iconic music award ceremony.”

“I want to go on tour and perform in front of many, many of our fans,” Beomgyu said. “I wish there would be MOA [the official name of their fans] to greet us wherever we go.”

“I want to become an acclaimed artist,” Taehyun said. “It would mean a lot if TOMORROW X TOGETHER could perform for a big award show.”

“Collaborations with other artists would be an honor,” Hueningkai said. “I’d also like to participate in an award show and perform for many people.”

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