'Too fast': Fort McMurray boy, 3, gets speeding ticket in miniature F-150

A three-year-old Fort McMurray boy had his first encounter with the law this week when he got a speeding ticket while cruising in his miniature Ford F-150.

Nathan Snow was driving his battery-operated pickup truck home from the playground on Sunday. With his pet Pomeranian, Lacey, in the truck bed, he was rolling down his neighbourhood street with his mother and father walking alongside.

That's when an RCMP officer pulled up behind them, red and blue lights flashing.

"He just rolled down the window and he's like, 'Hey, would you guys mind if I pulled him over?' And we were pretty excited," said Nathan's mother, Heather Snow.

With Lacey barking in the background, the police officer bent down and passed Nathan a pink paper that said "Too fast!"

"When he was showing Nathan the ticket he said, 'This is a ticket for you going too fast. When you get home you need to help your mom with laundry for the ticket,' " Snow said.

"Nathan said, 'OK,' and took the ticket and then the cop just shook his hand."

The silver and black truck was a Christmas gift, she said. They often drive it to the playground or up the street to her sister-in-law's house.

Snow said she isn't sure who the police officer is, but knows he lives in her neighbourhood. This was Nathan's first encounter with a police officer.

"I don't think he really fully understood who he was ... he's only three," Snow said. 

"But then when the lights came on, he was kind of just looking around, a deer in the headlights. He took his paper, he was pretty excited."