We took a ridealong with a Calgary snowplow driver, and this is what we saw

By 6 a.m., Samantha Kok is at the city's industrial yards, loading her sanding truck with materials for a 12-hour shift spent braving Calgary's roads in some of their worst conditions.

"If we don't do our jobs, then people can't go do their jobs," said the snowplow driver.

"I think it's a huge responsibility. We are out there to make sure that everybody can get home safe, or get to work safe."

Dressed in orange overalls, she flicks on her flashing lights and steers her oversized vehicle through the city's traffic.

Watch the video above to hear Kok share some of the strangest winter driving she's seen.

You'll also find out what the city uses to help reduce snow and ice buildup on the roads.

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