Top 10 Small Businesses Poised to Have a Strong Q4 in 2020

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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the end of 2020 around the corner, businesses are making a strong push to have a successful Q4. In a year filled with unforeseeable changes, companies are capitalizing on new opportunities in their respective industries. Here are the Top 10 Businesses who are bound to finish 2020 with a lucrative fourth quarter:

1. Kio Blends

To start this list of brands on the verge of a breakthrough is newly created Kio Blends. Founded by serial entrepreneur Dominic Murphy, Kio Blends is an innovative health and wellness brand focusing on natural solutions to modern problems. Kio Blends is currently preparing for the launch of their cornerstone product, kio calm, which offers plant-based anxiety relief in a convenient capsule form. The all natural calm supplement contains an empirically-proven formula to help you feel calm and stay calm. The blend of lavender, magnesium, and green tea extract is a familiar, yet powerful mind and body approach to getting calm without substances or harsh pharmaceuticals. Quickly building a catalogue of positive reviews and life-changing stories, Kio Blends is sure to make a splash in the upcoming new year. Coming in pouches of 60 capsules for only 35 dollars, Kio Calm was an easy choice for the number one spot on the list.

2. Fire Department Coffee

Inspired by the vital role coffee plays in helping firefighters stay alert through long shifts, Fire Dept. Coffee was founded in 2016 by Luke Schneider—a full-time firefighter/paramedic and U.S. Navy veteran—and Jason Patton—a firefighter/paramedic. Fire Dept. Coffee is constantly developing new ways to keep firefighters and caffeine lovers alike energized all day or night long. Accordingly, they’ve got a full plate of exciting new products rolling out before the end of the year, including a new ready-to-drink canned coffee, as well as seasonal and holiday roasts (including Harvest and Christmas Blend). They’re also managing to improve on their world-famous Spirit-Infused Coffees with the addition of a Black Cherry Bourbon flavor. And for those who like to take their taste buds to the next level, they have their Coffee of the Month Club, where subscribers can experience freshly roasted coffee from different coffee-growing regions and origins each month. Need even more reasons to buy into Fire Dept. Coffee? How about the fact that ten percent of net proceeds are donated to help provide essential resources and assistance to first responders who have been injured on the job. Make sure to follow Fire Dept. Coffee on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to watch their fourth quarter success —and maybe catch a cameo from UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, who, by the way, is a Fire Dept. Coffee die-hard. The list is endless as to why Fire Dept. Coffee is going to be one to watch in these upcoming months.

3. Jinka Vegan Tuna Spread

Starting as an educational study for a non-profit organization, Jinka Vegan Tuna Spread quickly turned into a delicious, healthy, convenient, and high protein alternative to fans of tuna salad. With a mission to prove that a plant-based diet can be delicious without compromise, Jinka has been recognized as the best tasty substitute to tuna. Their specialty tuna spread has 14 grams of protein, zero cholesterol and trans fat, and omega 3 on top of the fact that it tastes delicious. Taking advantage of the trend to eat healthier, Jinka and their variety of spread flavors (Normal, Lemon & Dill, and Spicy) are at steady rise in the vegan food industry and are looking to make a strong push to close out 2020. Be on the lookout in your grocery store for the new best Tuna alternative, Jinka.

4. Pulse Earbuds

Undoubtedly, the wireless headphone industry has substantially grown over the course of the past year. One company in the center of this surge, Pulse Earbuds, is offering consumers true great sounding wireless earbuds. Combined with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, noise reduction technology, and a 2000mAh battery charging case (which can also charge your phone), the earbuds have all the features that you could ever need. With their sleek and smooth design, Pulse Earbuds are very appealing to consumers, who have even went on to rave that “The headphones work perfectly, the sound quality is top class, and they have extreme comfortability”. Not to mention, their new pro version earbuds have a glow in the dark feature! Make sure to follow them on social media to see the upcoming ventures they have planned.

5. Hypland

Hypland, an already established clothing line, is set to have a huge Q4. Jordan Bentley, founder and creator, has recently been in collaboration with many multi-million dollar franchises. Particularly, Hypland has just released their collection in works with Naruto - world-famous anime franchise for over 20 years - prior to this 4th quarter. The collection features hoodies, shirts, puffer jackets, and (a fan favorite) custom rugs. Capitalizing on the popularity of Naruto and other franchises, Hypland is taking the fan fashion industry by storm. Even undisputed UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, can be seen in the newest Hypland collection. With their constant drops and collections, make sure to join the 275,000 others who follow them on Instagram and be the first to see the new items in their collection.

6. G27 Sports

Coming in at the sixth spot, G27 Sports, founded by Gerald Bowman (former USC standout and NFL player), is a progressive athlete consulting company looking to make large changes to its industry in Q4. G27, with a star-studded roster, aids this diverse index of athletes in investment ventures, business developments, and lucrative marketing opportunities. Interesting in the idea of expanding their network, Gerald Bowman and G27 are working on providing services geared towards recovery and rehabilitation. With research studies about professional athletes injuries reaching the public constantly, G27 Sports is altering the way it operates to accommodate for the athletes who endure the brutal business of professional sports, making sure self care and wellness are an emphasis. Unlike any other athlete consulting company, G27 Sports is changing with the modern era, which is why they slot in at number 6 on the list.

7. Coco Taps

Founded in 2014 by Vincent Zaldivar, also known as “Coco Vinny”, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Coco Taps is the only patented and certified ZeroWaste coconut beverage system in the market. Manufactured in the United States, Coco Taps’ coconuts are sold online at CocoTaps and at resorts, retail stores, and restaurants all across the nation. Recently, CocoTaps acquired a beverage robotics company, which is allowing the company to launch a fully automated machine (WiFi connected) that will custom laser brand the coconut, tap it with the patented top, and infuse any supplement or alcohol spirits into the coconut in seconds. Owner and founder, “Chief Coconut” Vincent Zaldivar, released in a press statement, “To help combat new health and safety concerns with the pandemic we decided to create a simple hands free coconut cocktail system to bring the costs down and make it quick and easy for any businesses, resorts, restaurants, and many more the ability to offer their customers the freshest customized coco cocktails on the market.” The ability to capitalize on the societal changes with technological advancements will without a doubt enhance an already established business in Coco Taps. Make sure to look out for these custom CocoTap machines in the coming months.

8. Kay’s Coffee Scrub

Kay’s Coffee Scrub, a new skincare line, has been dominating the store front scene since early May. Already gaining massive recognition and success, Kay’s Coffee Scrub, founded by Kay Brittany, is ready to tackle the skincare industry on head-on. Their impressive takeoff can be accredited to the fact that it actually works. Kay’s Coffee Scrub is an all-natural vegan skin exfoliant made out of coffee grounds, used for the face & body, and might be the only quality skincare product that is gentle on the skin, while being powerful enough to work. Leaving customers in awe of its effectiveness, Kay’s Coffee Scrub has been referred to as nothing short of “revolutionary”. Get ready to see Kay Brittany’s company become a household name with a plethora of K.C.S soaps, body butters, facial toners & more vegan/cruelty free skincare products hitting the market soon.

9. Ju$t Ca$h Clothing

Many people treat clothing as one of their main forms of expression and are in constant search for new brands of fashionable clothing that convey a true message. Ju$t Ca$h clothing, created by Jalen Chatman in late May, is exactly that. Steadily rising in the fashion industry, Ju$t Ca$h has been inspiring its customers to strive for financial success. Ju$t Ca$h’s clothing is pushing their youthful and powerful message to “Chase A Bag” to nearly everyone by tapping into societal changes, such as the BLM movement. With nationwide shipping, Jalen Chatman is looking to expand his brand in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas and take advantage of the phenomenon of the new social media platform, TikTok. Be on the lookout for this motivational clothing brand to make a large scene in the fashion industry in the approaching months.

10. Outlet Hunters

Outlet Hunters, an Influencer and E-Commerce business, is set to change the way sneaker-heads shop for the latest sneaker releases. With a recent surge in the multi-billion-dollar sneaker resale industry, connoisseurs are faced with paying hefty resale prices. Outlet Hunters brings customers the latest releases at “outlet store” pricing via their mobile app (accessible on Apple / Android). Traveling from state to state, their team sources hundreds of your favorite discount and retail stores finding deals you can only dream of. With inventory updates daily, customers are able to shop a new experience every time they enter the app. In addition, they showcase top finds via Instagram, as well as share sourcing tactics helping you save a few dollars for your next pair of sneakers. With plans to release an apparel collection featuring top brands in Q4, be sure to keep an eye on their app for the best deals this holiday season.

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