Who are the top contributors to Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Nikki Haley's campaigns?

Donald Trump has lagged President Joe Biden in fundraising during the 2024 election cycle so far. President Biden’s campaign committee had nearly double the cash on hand compared to Trump’s as of the end of January.

The former president is also burning through his campaign finances quickly as his donors pay his legal bills, which have amounted to over $75 million in the past two years, according to an Associated Press review.

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About the data: Donor data from OpenSecrets.org is as of Feb. 2, 2024, and doesn’t include any donations made post-2023. OpenSecrets combines contributions from companies and organizations. Since companies themselves aren’t allowed to donate to campaigns, they typically make donations through family members, owners and employees. The data includes money donated to the campaign and to single-candidate hybrid PACs or super PACs.

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Outside groups have already started to bankroll their campaigns, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the race. Nikki Haley’s campaign has received the strongest support from outside groups, with $82.8 million, followed by Trump at $70.3 million and Biden at $55.8 million, according to data compiled by OpenSecrets.

The outside money is provided by usual players known to fund candidates whose platforms align with their causes.

While President Biden has a mix of progressive super PACs, labor unions, and tech firms supporting his campaign, the former president has the backing of Linda McMahon, who co-founded World Wrestling Entertainment, conservative multibillionaire Diane Hendricks and two oil billionaires from Texas. Haley has attracted a lot of hedge funds and venture-capital money.

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