The top steering wheel covers for adding some comfort to your ride

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Take a look at our favorite steering wheel covers that can make your aging wheel look better and your daily ride more comfortable. Driving is a necessity for many people, a way to get to work in the mornings and cruise through town on the weekend. Whatever the purpose of our drives, we all want our time on the road to be pleasant and a comfortable, sturdy steering wheel is one component of a positive driving experience. Repeated use, dirt and debris, and the blistering sun all contribute to the wear and tear of a vehicle’s interior. And because of its location and how often it’s used, your car’s steering wheel is especially susceptible to deterioration over time. Adding a steering wheel cover to your new car will help extend the look and feel of your wheel. And if you have an older vehicle a steering wheel cover is a much cheaper and easier option than buying and installing a whole new steering wheel. So, whether you want to update the look of your car’s interior, or you want some added comfort, take a look at our list of the leading steering wheel covers.

Our Picks Of The Best Steering Wheel Covers of 2022

SEG Direct Leather Steering Wheel Cover: our pick

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This wheel cover from SEG Direct brings durability and comfort to the forefront without sacrificing aesthetics. Available in a handful of stylish colors, it can be a great addition to your worn-out steering wheel. The combination of a microfiber leather exterior and a rubber interior ensures that your hands rest comfortably on the wheel while also making sure the cover stays in place. Once in place, the rubber interior will also stop the cover from slipping away. This steering wheel cover is available in a standard size (14 ½ “ - 15”), small size (14”-14 ¼ “) and large size (15 ½ “ - 16”) as well, making it a solid choice for all steering wheel sizes.


  • Microfiber leather and rubber lining prevents slippage

  • Protects steering wheel from damage

  • Absorbs hand sweat to provide firm grip


  • Cover can be difficult to install

ChuLian Diamond Leather Rhinestone Cover: stylish pick

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Add some shine to your car’s interior with this ChuLian steering wheel cover that’s studded with rhinestones. It’s slip-proof, non-hurting and can reduce hand fatigue while driving. The rhinestones are hard to miss, as they shine through your car windows and give your ride some sparkle. Along with adding some flash to your car’s interior, this steering wheel cover is designed for maximum comfort while driving. The polyurethane (PU) leather exterior is wear-resistant, thanks to the heavy-grip rubber inner-ring, making this wheel cover the perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic. This steering wheel cover is available in two sizes, standard and large.


  • Smooth rhinestones improve grip

  • Skidproof rubber lining prevents cover from slipping

  • Heat, cold and weather-resistant


  • Design is very flashy

Valleycomfy Microfiber Wheel Cover: another great option

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Made with high quality microfiber leather, this Valleycomfy steering wheel cover can be a great addition to your vehicle and even add a hint of masculinity. Its synthetic leather absorbs sweat and will not heat up, even in hot weather. Its embossed design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a steering wheel cover that’s comfortable to hold onto and one that won’t slip from your grip. The cover is available in black, brown, gray and wine-red shades, and it can give your interior a sporty vibe with a nice hint of color. You can purchase this cover in small, medium, and large sizes, allowing it to fit all steering wheels.


  • Flexible cover easily takes steering wheel shape

  • Made from odor-free material

  • Soft padding to provide comfort

  • Skidproof lining ensures a reliable grip


  • Thickness of cover might be uncomfortable

KAFEEK Microfiber Leather Cover: also consider

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This KAFEEK steering wheel cover comes in a 15-inch universal size, which is most suitable for mid-sized steering wheels. The synthetic microfiber leather and silk mesh used to make this cover are eco-friendly, breathable and great for use in different seasons-- keep your hands warm and toasty in the winter months and cool and relaxed in the summer. This cover is easy to install, and its material is skid- and sweatproof, making your journey smoother, safer and more enjoyable. Available in black, red, brown and blue, this cover is a great choice thanks to its sleek design, unparalleled comfort and long-term durability.


  • Sweatproof, anti-skid design

  • High-quality stretchable material

  • Safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing


  • Available for middle-sized steering wheels only

Mayco Bell Microfiber Wheel Cover: another option

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The colorful streak over an all-black design gives this Mayco Bell cover a bit of flash. With a microfiber exterior and a rubber interior, this cover is anti-slip, sweat-absorbent and breathable. It’s also easy to grip, a quality always important for a steering wheel cover to have, and resistant to both heat and cold. This durable and hardcore cover can also protect your steering wheel from wearing down. This cover is available in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate many different steering wheels, and there are a whole host of color options to choose from. Unlike most brands that deal in “O” steering wheel covers only, you can also purchase a “D” bottomed steering wheel cover for your vehicle as well.


  • Odorless cover material

  • Sweat-absorbent, breathable cover

  • Many color options to choose from


  • Difficult to install

Finding your next steering wheel cover: a buying guide

As a driver, the largest and most important point of contact you have with your vehicle is the steering wheel. To ensure that your journey is both comfortable and enjoyable, you should consider investing in a quality steering wheel cover. If you ever find yourself browsing steering wheel covers, either in a store or online, here are some things to consider. 

What makes a steering wheel cover high-quality?

Synthetic covers are the leading kind of steering wheel covers on the market today. Consisting of PU and microfiber leather, they’re a perfect blend of comfort and affordability. These covers are widely sold, and they replicate the benefits of leather covers with little differentiation-- synthetic covers are breathable, skidproof, eco-friendly, and resistant to wear and tear. These synthetic covers are made of microfibers, which can absorb oils without becoming greasy, and is the easiest material to clean. Synthetic covers are available in a diverse color range and are more inexpensive than their leather counterparts, but will not last as long as pure leather covers. 

In comparison to other materials, synthetic leather has a better grip than cloth covers, is more durable than wooden covers and is more breathable than rubber covers.

What to look for when buying a steering wheel cover

A size that fits your requirements

The size of your steering wheel and the cover you’re looking at will have to be compatible with each other. You’ll come across multiple sizes like small, standard and large in your search for a steering wheel cover, and one of these should be a fit for your wheel. Not every brand has all these sizes available, though, so ensure you look at the cover’s size charts before making your purchase. 

Choosing a cover that’s too small for your steering wheel can make it difficult to put on, and maybe even impossible. A cover that’s too large, on the other hand, can prove to be dangerous, as it might slip off while you’re driving. Make sure to measure the diameter of your steering wheel so you can find the perfect cover for your vehicle.


Your steering wheel can either come in an “O” shape or a “D” shape. Each shape requires a certain kind of steering wheel cover that will fit your requirements. A “D” steering wheel is flat bottomed, while an “O” steering wheel is completely circular. 

Inner layer

The inner layer of your steering wheel cover should be made from rubber. This material ensures that the cover doesn’t slip away, making it a solid option to take on road. 

Comfort & grip

The material used to make a steering wheel cover determines what your palms will come into contact with. Leather and synthetic covers, along with covers with embossed designs, are great for a firm grip and a comfortable hold. 


Steering wheel covers aren’t all that expensive, truth be told, unless you’re specifically looking for a premium cover that will fetch a higher price-- you can find high-quality synthetic microfiber covers within the $15.99 - $19.99 range. These covers are made from high-quality microfiber that absorbs oils without getting greasy, and are flexible, heat resistant and sturdy. 


A lot goes into giving a car some character and making it your own. You might choose to do that with a colorful steering wheel cover or one studded with rhinestones. You also have the option of choosing a more understated, chic design, like the Valleycomfy cover on our list. No matter which style you go for, the aesthetics of a steering wheel cover can play a crucial role in choosing which one is right for you. 

How to install a steering wheel cover

Once your cover arrives, you’ll have to put it on your steering wheel. Here’s how:

  1. Clean the steering wheel and inner ring of the cover with sterilizing alcohol. This is crucial to prevent the growth of any mold or bacteria

  2. Settle in the driver’s seat and align the cover on the wheel

  3. Hold the cover with one hand and use the other to slip it on

  4. If you’re unable to wrap it around the wheel, use a blow dryer to warm and expand the cover

  5. Repeat step 3 if necessary

  6. When most of the cover is wrapped around, you might have to use more strength to stretch the last part of the cover around the wheel 

  7. Once done, check to make sure the cover has slipped on properly and is symmetrical

Note: Make sure the cover isn’t too small or too big. A small cover can be too hard to install and lead to injured hands, while a large cover may be slippery, which can be dangerous while driving. 

Maintenance Tips to Follow 

  1. Different kinds of covers require different kinds of maintenance. Leather and synthetic covers need to be wiped with a wet cloth in most cases, but you can also use a gentle shampoo if it’s extremely dirty. If you want to clean cloth steering wheel covers, these can be machine washed. 

  2. Even if your steering wheel cover is heat resistant, it can fade away if it comes in contact with direct sunlight. You can prevent this by using a windshield cover or film. 

Steering Wheel Cover FAQs

Q: How should I choose a steering wheel cover size?

Follow these steps while choosing a steering wheel cover:

  • First, measure your steering wheel’s diameter 

  • Next, measure the grip of the wheel

  • Once you have these numbers, look for a steering wheel cover that fits these measurements 

Q: What sizes of steering wheel covers are available?

You can usually find small (14”-14 ¼ “), standard (14 ½ “ - 15”) and large (15 ½ “ - 16”) steering wheel covers when shopping around. There are also bigger sizes available that can cover something like a truck’s steering wheel, boasting a diameter of 22 inches or more.

Q: When should I change my steering wheel cover?

You can change your steering wheel cover when it begins to wither, show signs of wear and tear or the color begins to fade away. In the first two cases, continuing to use the steering wheel cover can be dangerous and uncomfortable, while the third case really depends on how high you hold the aesthetic value of your vehicle. 

Q: Are steering wheel covers dangerous?

Not if they have the right material and size. Buying a steering wheel cover that’s too big for your steering wheel can be dangerous, though, as it can slip while driving. Similar dangers are associated with using a cloth or plastic cover that does not offer great grip. 

Q: Do steering wheel covers get too hot?

Steering wheel covers are designed to keep extreme heat at bay. They not only protect the hands of the driver, but also stop the sun’s heat from reaching the steering wheel.


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