Torbay woman says her store-bought bottle of medication was tampered with

Police are investigating after a Torbay woman found a mixture of pills in a bottle of allergy medication.

"My husband was the one who cracked the box open. He took the bottle out and said to me, "Hang on now, did you already open these?"' Vicky Taylor-Hood told The St. John's Morning Show. "I said, "no, no!"'

Taylor-Hood said the seal on the bottle of Life brand allergy medication was already broken and the box had been reglued shut.

 Inside the container were actual Benadryl pills and a couple of yellow pills that the pharmacist later told her were another antihistamine, she said.

Vicky Taylor-Hood/Facebook

Taylor-Hood said the owner, who is also the head pharmacist, of the Shoppers Drug Mart on Torbay Road where she bought the medication was just as surprised as she was.

"They were pretty perplexed," she said. "They were concerned and a little alarmed."

Another tampered box found

That concern grew as staff found another tampered box on the shelf, similar to the one Taylor-Hood had purchased, she said.

Taylor-Hood said staff told her the sticker on the box that acts as a sensor had also been peeled off, which is how they figure the box got back in the store and on to the shelf. 

"It wasn't a fluke. I thought initially maybe this was just some kind of weird prank," she said. "[But] when you show up with two [tampered boxes] it sounds a little more serious."

Vicky Taylor-Hood/Facebook

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary confirmed to CBC News it has received a report and will be investigating. 

CBC News contacted the owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart but was directed to the corporate communications department. CBC News has left a voicemail and sent an email.

Taylor-Hood said Shoppers has contacted other stores to check their supply. As to why someone would go to the trouble to fill a pill bottle with a more expensive allergy medication, Taylor-Hood said she had no idea.

"Honestly, can't even hazard a guess."

Warning to public

After discovering the bottle had been tampered with, Taylor-Hood warned friends and family on Facebook about it, because she said she wants people to be cautious about buying medication.

"Check your seals on your medication and don't assume just because it came in a box that everything is OK," she said.

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