Tories promise new parents on leave could earn up to $1,000 without losing EI benefit

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OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives are promising to let new parents earn up to $1,000 per month without it affecting their maternity or parental leave payments.

Tory Leader Erin O’Toole made the announcement today in Ottawa during the last week of the federal election.

O’Toole says federal maternity and parental benefits allow parents to receive up to 55 per cent of their earnings — to a maximum of $595 per week — but he says many lower-income people can't afford the reduced pay.

He says new parents would be able to supplement those employment insurance payments with extra earnings from remote or part-time work.

Parents would be able to earn up to $1,000 per month without it affecting their payments, after which each dollar earned would result in a 50-cent reduction in EI benefits.

O’Toole is also promising to expand the Canada Child Benefit to start at the seventh month of pregnancy instead of at childbirth.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 13, 2021.

The Canadian Press

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