Torkkeli wants more for children

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O’Connor Township, Ont. — Carly Torkkeli wants to bring some new blood to O’Connor Township’s council.

The health-care worker is the only female candidate among the six vying for the four councillor spots in O’Connor and entered the race on the final day to file nomination papers when she saw no women on the list.

“I feel representation is needed across the board (in O’Connor Township),” said Torkkeli, a co-owner of Torkcon Contracting Ltd. “I was watching the candidates (who filed) and I noticed that there wasn’t representation from any women or anyone from the younger generation.”

Torkkeli does have political experience, but this is her first run in an organized township.

Torkkeli started as the recreation director for the unorganized township of Lappe in 2014 before being elected to the local services board in 2015 where she remained until her family moved to O’Connor last year.

Having acclimatized herself to her new surroundings, Torkkeli noticed a lot of young families in the area and said she’ll work towards boosting children’s activities should she get elected.

“I want to see more activities for children,” Torkkeli said. “I feel that the rural community has more young families than seniors and I’d like to see more local activities.

“The amount of children is so large and a lot of people do go into (Thunder Bay for children’s activities).”

Torkkeli will be up against incumbent councillors Alex Crane and Bishop Racicot as well as newcomers Jon Hari, John Sobolta and Brendan Rea.

O’Connor Mayor Jim Vezina was unopposed and had his position acclaimed.

Ontario municipal elections will take place Oct. 24.

John Nagy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle-Journal