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Havana, devastated

Cuban residents run for help in the tornado-hit Luyano neighbourhood in Havana early on Jan. 28, 2019. A tornado hit several neighborhoods in Havana overnight on Jan. 28, disrupting electrical power and damaging buildings and cars. Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel says at least three people are dead and 174 have been injured. (Photo from Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images)

Tornado leaves path of destruction in Havana

Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel has confirmed at least three people are dead and 174 are hurt after a rare tornado cut a path of destruction through Havana late on Jan. 27.

While strong winds and torrential rain battered other parts of the island country Sunday night, working-class neighbourhoods in Havana sustained the worst damage, with cars overturned in the streets, streetlights blown over, trees uprooted and buildings reduced to rubble.

Emergency crews on Monday were working to restore power to parts of the city left in the dark by the tornado.

That morning, Diaz-Canel visited the hardest-hit areas of the city and shared photos and details of the damage on Twitter.

Here are some photos of the destruction Havana residents awoke to early on Jan. 28.