Toronto has the best weather in Canada this week

It looks like we’ve finally kicked winter out the door – for the most part.

Southern Ontario, particularly the Greater Toronto Area, is going to have the best weather in Canada this week. Temperatures will hover around the low to mid twenties, possibly reaching 30 C depending on the cloud cover. Despite the warm start to the week, these temperatures won’t stick around through the weekend, when it’s expected to get cooler after possible thunderstorms Wednesday into Thursday.

“Looks like a significant warm up across much of southern and eastern Ontario…through Wednesday next week,” Brett Anderson, senior meteorologist with AccuWeather said.

According to Anderson, the warm temperatures around 20 C will hit southern Quebec, including Montreal, around Wednesday, extending all the way to the Maritimes.

Despite the warmer temperatures starting the week in southern Ontario, Anderson predicts northwestern Ontario and Manitoba will see temperatures a couple of degrees below normal this week.

“Slightly cooler than normal in places like Winnipeg and into Thunder Bay, with some showers from time to time,” Anderson said.

Meanwhile in the Prairies, temperatures are cooling down, with southern Saskatchewan and Alberta seeing temperatures in the single digits.

“The system’s bringing widespread rain and the threat for a swath of wet snow across parts of the southern Prairies,” Dr. Doug Gilliam, meteorologist with The Weather Network said.

Although the southern Prairies will feel a chill, Gillham says northern Alberta will see significantly warming temperatures in the mid-teens.

Moving further west to British Columbia, the province will have a cool start to the week but will transition to “fantastic” warmer weather as we approach the weekend.

“A dry spell shaping up starting Tuesday right to the end of the week, and temperatures warming as well,” Anderson said. “In Vancouver at least, no we’re not looking at 20s there, but I would say at least mid-teens by the end of the week is certainly possible in Vancouver.”

According to Gillham, people in mountainous B.C. should be aware of the flood concerns with the melting snow packs as the temperatures rise.

“The rapid snow melt in the mountains would certainly resume later in the week, with the weather that most people would find gorgeous certainly bringing some challenges,” Gillham said.

How will you be enjoying the weather this week?