Toronto city councillor seeks PC nomination for 2018 election

Toronto city councillor seeks PC nomination for 2018 election

Longtime Toronto city councillor, Denzil Minnan-Wong, announced this afternoon at city hall he will be seeking a nomination for the Ontario PC Party for next year's provincial election. 

Coun. Minnan-Wong, considered to be fiscally conservative, is currently the councillor for Ward 34 Don Valley East and serves as Deputy Mayor. He has served on council since 1997.

Coun. Minnan-Wong praised Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown's platform and says he agrees with Brown's policies and ideas for Ontario.

"I've been a progressive conservative since 1975. I've been a fiscal conservative running on the platform of keeping taxes down during my entire career on council. I can tell you taxes are high and people need relief and that's why Patrick's the fit for me."

He also supports Brown's agenda and approach to support transit operations in Toronto. 

"He's offering an urban agenda — $5 billion dollars for transit, plus he's taking off capital costs on all our subway lines.That's going to make a big difference here in the city of Toronto and I think we're going to win a lot of seats here in the city of Toronto."

Coun. Minnan-Wong says Premier Kathleen Wynne's government has been a disappointment to people in his riding and across Ontario, citing the government's handling of issues with Ornge and e-health as examples. He says Wynne and that her government are "past its best before date."

"The rock's set in. I think people are looking for a change."

He will be seeking the nomination in the riding of Don Valley East.

Ontario's provincial election will take place in June 2018.